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Salrith Punching Through

Ok… finally some hard work paid off. All the time I spent making a flexible engine propulsion system allowed me to make some pretty cool engines for the Lipoc and now the Salrith. Now I REALLY can’t wait to get the damage system in there and watch the salrith ship punch through the middle of […]

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Lipoc vs Krex Video

I worked on the Lipoc ship today so felt like grabbing a gif. It has the refined art and new propulsion system. View the gif directly: gif is a big choppy, video here: Next thing I’ll be adding is the damage system so there are fires, venting air, people getting sucked out, damage decals […]

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Khaodra – Testing new Rigging

Per our previous post about refining our toolchain, I decided the Khaodra would be a great alien to test it out w. Big worm like creatures w 4 snake like tentacles will need a lot more than a humanoid biped rig/IK. Said and done, I couldn’t be happier w the new workflow. It isn’t perfect […]

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SunDagger – Combat Video on YouTube

A few people have commented that our screenshots of combat are hard to get the ‘feel’ of the game from. We have created a video of the SunDagger ship in combat to help viewers see the game in action. Please keep in mind we are still VERY early in development and expect numerous tweaks and […]

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