14th Mar2014

Project StarDiver is moving right along

Join us for a ride through the galaxy…. or at least its current, early development state!We are a small three person family team (myself, wife, and son)...

10th Nov2013

SunDagger – Combat Video on YouTube

A few people have commented that our screenshots of combat are hard to get the ‘feel’ of the game from. We have created a video of the...

10th Nov2013

GravityRide Resumes Project StarDiver

The good news is we are back at it! The bad news is it took getting through the last two years of distraction projects to get here....

16th Sep2011

Cool Blue Royalty

Our alien artwork continues, full steam ahead. When the programming slows to complete larger pieces, it is very motivating to see the artwork take shape. It lights...

03rd Sep2011

Gentle Giant, or Malevolent Foe?

Our character art is progressing well. We are proud to share our next alien race. Will they be wise, old friends or invoke fear in those foolish...

30th Aug2011

The Crystalline Void

One of our core concepts for this project is to ensure every ship in the game is extremely unique in design, playability, and fits within the story...

30th Aug2011

And there is Color

As we progress from quick sketches to refined sketches to full colored art, the aliens are gaining their own personality! I’m thrilled with how this one is...

26th Aug2011

Z-Brush: An amazing tool for 3D Sculpting

The tools for game development get better and better every year. What used to take a highly talented art team a months to make takes only a...

20th Aug2011

SunDagger Takes Shape

Having a goal of resurrecting a nearly dead game genre is no small feat. When thinking back to classics like Starflight and Star Control it is easy...

18th Aug2011

Skinning a Ship

As most in the game industry know, Maya is an amazing tool for creating 3d models. What is also amazing is the amount of time and effort...