14th Nov2014

Atmospheric Scattering and Depth of Field

In an effort to make what looks good, look better, I worked out our planet shaders yesterday. We now have atmospheric scattering and a much better edge...

12th Nov2014

Planetary Landing

Long day getting planet landing more polished. I’m pretty happy with how it is feeling w the drop ship movement, gravity, thrust, atmosphere, etc. Too many tweaks...

01st Nov2014

Planetary Battles

This week’s big things: Orbital Battles: TechDemo of Procedural Planets: SlowMotion and music pitch shift ofr Direct Hits: MicroSun Gravity / Heat Damage:

25th Oct2014

StarDiver Damage System Overview

This is a big week for me. I get to check of a buck-list item! I’ve always wanted to make a scifi game where ships weapons can...

24th Oct2014

Ship Destruction — Physics on Parts

Ok…. bucketlist item checked off. I’ve REALLY wanted to make a ship that can punch through another ship for a loooong time Sarlirth doing what it does:

23rd Oct2014

Blowing Chunks…

Long day of struggle. I was happy, a few hours, to get the damage decals working, then of course I wanted to break a ship in half....

21st Oct2014

Forked Lightning! Zap Zap

I’ve spent the day getting the zapper code a lot more flexible and added some cool stuff to it. Changes: – forked lighting w/ ability to set max#...

20th Oct2014

Benev Zapper

I’ve been adding more ships and tweaking the engine system. Here is the Benev race ship w/ propulsion: Next up, I’ve been working on weapon systems I...

18th Oct2014

Salrith Punching Through

Ok… finally some hard work paid off. All the time I spent making a flexible engine propulsion system allowed me to make some pretty cool engines for...

17th Oct2014

Lipoc vs Krex Video

I worked on the Lipoc ship today so felt like grabbing a gif. It has the refined art and new propulsion system. gif is a big choppy,...