25th Oct2014

StarDiver Damage System Overview

This is a big week for me. I get to check of a buck-list item! I’ve always wanted to make a scifi game where ships weapons can...

24th Oct2014

Ship Destruction — Physics on Parts

Ok…. bucketlist item checked off. I’ve REALLY wanted to make a ship that can punch through another ship for a loooong time Sarlirth doing what it does:

23rd Oct2014

Blowing Chunks…

Long day of struggle. I was happy, a few hours, to get the damage decals working, then of course I wanted to break a ship in half....

21st Oct2014

Forked Lightning! Zap Zap

I’ve spent the day getting the zapper code a lot more flexible and added some cool stuff to it. Changes: – forked lighting w/ ability to set max#...

20th Oct2014

Benev Zapper

I’ve been adding more ships and tweaking the engine system. Here is the Benev race ship w/ propulsion: Next up, I’ve been working on weapon systems I...

18th Oct2014

Salrith Punching Through

Ok… finally some hard work paid off. All the time I spent making a flexible engine propulsion system allowed me to make some pretty cool engines for...

17th Oct2014

Lipoc vs Krex Video

I worked on the Lipoc ship today so felt like grabbing a gif. It has the refined art and new propulsion system. gif is a big choppy,...

16th Oct2014

New Ships and Polish

We are still hard at work this last week on things. The majority of the work has been in code restructuring some things that were becoming unmanageable...

27th Sep2014


Another animation has taken form as we get a little more familiar with the new animation tools. We may revisit this scene and bring the background to...

24th Sep2014

Khaodra Video Clip

Per our previous posts, we’ve been working with new animation tools to bring our alines to life. Here is a mostly finished idle animation for the Khaodra...