Displacement Mapping… Back 2D looking 3D

Several more tweaks to our 2D ship lighting system. I’m thrilled w/ how 3d we were able to get the sprites to feel w/ spritlamp-like lighting and displacement-mapping: Tilt: [img]http://i.minus.com/imSLV3riQdapE.gif[/img] gif compression is a bit much to look at lighting. youtube links: [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSivgCV2ZkA&feature=youtu.be]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSivgCV2ZkA&feature=youtu.be[/url] [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNjEV8p5MFE&feature=youtu.be]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNjEV8p5MFE&feature=youtu.be[/url]

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New Ships in Context

Our new ships in context of the race they belong to: [img]http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/28/27385/thumb_620x2000/VeeLow.jpg[/img] [img]http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/28/27385/thumb_620x2000/Ornyon.png[/img]

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Our move to 2D Ships Paying Off

2nd ship, our artist did a much better job with the lighting than I was able to do on first ship: [img]http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/28/27385/thumb_620x2000/Ornyon-LightingDemo.jpg[/img] Using our spiffy new custom sprite shader, it looks quite nice rotating ingame: [img]http://i.minus.com/ibc0G649PHaNx7.gif[/img] The gif compression makes the lighting look odd in some frames, the real video if you want higher quality […]

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3D to 2D… Have we Gone Mad?

So, today I asked our new artist to help make some ship concepts as we are struggling with modeling cool ships. To date our game has always used a mix of 2d/3d, but 3d for ships/planets/surfaces and 2d for fx, aliens, ui, etc. In about an hour he color sketched the following for the lipoc […]

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More aliens please. Seeing our alien ideas come to fruition is a great pleasure for us. The newest member of the family is the Dimnaar. [img]http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/28/27385/thumb_620x2000/Capture.1.JPG[/img]

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Meet the VeeLow

Our newest alien race. Veelow: [img]http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/28/27385/thumb_620x2000/Veelow.jpg[/img]

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Algorithmic Gas Giant

Playing with new algorithmic textures for gas planets: [img]http://i.minus.com/ibgtzUbiWCSk4R.gif[/img] video… the gif is pretty grainy:

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Frike w/ Dialogue UI

nice to see it come together ingame w animation: [img]http://i.minus.com/iDItWnDtS6dwy.gif[/img] youtube.. gif is grainy

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User Interface Progress

It has been a while since I’ve posted any progress. Progress has been slow, but fruitful. Our in-game UI is starting to take shape. We have made a number of revisions before sharing it here, and I wanted to say THANKS to the gaf guys in the indieGAF irc channel! Tons of great feedback there […]

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Harkallenia and Friends

Our goal of 30 alien races to populate our game world is feeling more achievable than ever Harkallenia: [img]http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/28/27385/thumb_620x2000/Harkellinia.jpg[/img] BlpBlp: [img]http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/28/27385/thumb_620x2000/BlpBlp.jpg[/img] PogFrot: [img]http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/28/27385/thumb_620x2000/PogFrot.1.jpg[/img]

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