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Final Touches on Gas Procedural Gas Giants

—– I’m back from Pax South. It was fun to meet some new devs. It was smaller than I expected, but being the first year it was a great start. It was indie heavy, so that was great to see. I’m back at it. I’m trying to finish up the procedural planet scripts today (or […]

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Another animation has taken form as we get a little more familiar with the new animation tools. We may revisit this scene and bring the background to life a little, but we are pretty happy with the rigging system now. It is relatively efficient to get a character rigged and animated now. I look forward […]

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Khaodra Video Clip

Per our previous posts, we’ve been working with new animation tools to bring our alines to life. Here is a mostly finished idle animation for the Khaodra race:    

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GravityRide Resumes Project StarDiver

The good news is we are back at it! The bad news is it took getting through the last two years of distraction projects to get here. The team is as motivated as ever. New game assets are flowing, code is being written, music created, and aliens are dancing. No really they are dancing:  

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