Solar System Navigation

I’ve started playing with a solar system view for navigation. Many of the classics like Universe (Omnitrend), Starflight, Star Control, etc used static solar systems. I don’t think that will fly anymore in a modern game… so let’s get these planets moving. I’m still deciding between having a dotted path trail as planets rotate or […]

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Volumetric Nebula

Graphics certainly don’t make a game… so why bother with cool fx like volumetric nebula? Good question. I want to ensure I start out with a solid particle system that is flexible enough for numerous things in the game. Things like nebulas, engine trails, missle trails, lazers, explosions, clouds on a planet surface. So far […]

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Planet Mining

So I really want to make a space game…. why can’t I pick asteroids for inspiration — it would be easier. Instead, the ‘other’ classics sparked my imagination and fuel my motivation for this project. What classics? How about Starflight, Star Control, Sun Dog, Universe (Omnitrend), TradeWars…. yes those are big shoes to fill! The […]

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TFRs for the iPhone and iPad

While not hacking away making a new game, I enjoy flying. It is my second passion in life…just slightly second to my techno-geek-code-writing addiction. One of the things that has happened in general aviation since 9/11 is the addition of VIP temporary flight restrictions that seem to pop up with little to no warning. Bust one and […]

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FizzPow iPhone iPad Games

Having helped create FizzPow, I’d like to give them a bit of a plug here. I’ve had a fantastic time working with them and can’t wait to see what they create next! Check out their latest iPhone / iPad games, BowQuest and Mummys Treasure. http://www.fizzpow.com  

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