SunDagger Takes Shape

Having a goal of resurrecting a nearly dead game genre is no small feat. When thinking back to classics like Starflight and Star Control it is easy to remember how much we loved the games. It isn’t quite so easy to quantify exactly what made them cult classics. Was it the story, was it the art, was it the combat, or the perfect blending of all of the above? One thing that really stuck out to me in Star Control was the extremely unique ships you got to pilot. They weren’t just generic holders of an endless supply of weapon upgrades, they were unique. Just a primary and secondary weapon per ship, but no two were the same. I love it.


Along this line of thinking, the first ship in project Star Diver is the SunDagger. Coming from a race who call the interior of the sun their home, this ship is all about interaction with the sun. It relies on skimming the sun surface when it gets low on energy. If you dive through the center of star you will pull a mass of plasma along with you to launch at your foes.  Here are some early screenshots of the SunDagger in action:



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