Hyperspace — What should it look like?

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So I’m working on hyperspace travel for StarDiver. I want to borrow concepts from a few places. I like the idea of hyperspace being a very mysterious place. I also like the idea of hyperspace being a difficult place to navigate and easy place to get lost in. In that regard, the Babylon5 view of what hyperspace is. Star control made good use of it for pacing of the game as it too fuel to explore the further locations via hyperspace travel.

For stardiver, the first time you enter hyperspace will be after getting the technology from another race along with coordinates for your first ‘exit point’ (their homeworld). Hyperspace, you will have to explore to find other exit points, or discover their locations via conversations w alien races.

So what should hyperspace look like? I’ve been playing with a couple ideas and not quite to where I want it yet. Current look:

I’m thinking maybe something w some particles that look more like neural networks? Any other ideas? Currently, while pretty cool/whacky looking, I think it still looks a bit too much like a nebula on shrooms.

Here is my take on the neuron web idea w some wacky almost geometric warpped space:




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