Blowing Chunks…

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Long day of struggle. I was happy, a few hours, to get the damage decals working, then of course I wanted to break a ship in half. I recall messing with a mesh splitter for unity some time ago so I started playing w it. It didn’t work at all for planes/quads. Found TurboSplitter on the asset store and thought I would try it. It does do what it says but I was a bit ahead of myself in thinking through using a splitter to 1/2 a sprite. It does work but is entirely impractical in my game for a few reasons. First there is this use case, along a diagonal:


add some decals on edges right? not so much. first issue is you can’t generate colliders from the split parts as the colliders are 2d and generate w the material not the mesh (material stays the same, so even refreshing collider each part gets full mesh collider). then there is the issue where only two objects are created, two clones of the orig object but each w 1/2 the mesh and ALL the attached scripts…. ugh ugly… would need to really plan for using that :) And notice the little bits that really need to be separate meshes (anything now floating not connected in space).

So I ditched that idea entirely and decided to go with pre-planned break away. At first I thought I’d hate having pre-planned but in action it makes the most sense and can be tightly controlled to be relevant to what ship system will no longer function if getting ‘blown off’. Here is the first example of loosing part of the krex. Loosing this will take out two systems, the smasher weapon (needs both wings on the nose to generate a forward pulse) and the turning thruster for that side.


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