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Atmospheric Scattering and Depth of Field

In an effort to make what looks good, look better, I worked out our planet shaders yesterday. We now have atmospheric scattering and a much better edge glow than before. I wasn’t using it before because I couldn’t sort out how to get color, specular color, and shininess added to the shader which was really […]

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Planetary Landing

Long day getting planet landing more polished. I’m pretty happy with how it is feeling w the drop ship movement, gravity, thrust, atmosphere, etc. Too many tweaks to list. I forgot to hookup the screen shaking when going fast enough through atmosphere for the heatfx. I had it disable for debugging something. oh well, not […]

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Planetary Battles

This week’s big things: Orbital Battles: View the gif directly: View the gif directly: TechDemo of Procedural Planets: View the gif directly: SlowMotion and music pitch shift ofr Direct Hits: MicroSun Gravity / Heat Damage:

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