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Project Milestone Hit, 20 Alien Races!

We are feeling good!!!! We have hit a major milestone for StarDiver. We now have 20 alien races and 20 ships designed and art assets ready for animation and implementation. Now for the fun part — getting them all in-game and FUN! Each ship will be completely unique from the way it controls to the […]

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Steam Greenlight Concept Stats

[img][/img] Steam…. love them or not, they are the 800 lb gorilla us indie developers need to impress to ensure wide distribution of our games. We are planning a Greenlight, hopefully in the near future, once we are far enough along to create a compelling promo video. We did put up a Steam Green Concept […]

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The Algetron

A sybiotic evolution of crystalline and algae: [img][/img]

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Space Babes.

Every great scifi game needs a race of spacebabes. The Niyette: [img][/img]

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