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Join us for a ride through the galaxy

[url=http://””]View StarDiver on Indie DB [img][/img] [/url] StarDiver is moving right along. Join us for a ride through the galaxy…. or at least its current, early development state! [img][/img] We are a small family team (myself, wife, and son) and are very excited to share our progress on StarDiver with the community. StarDiver is a […]

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Propulsion Overhaul

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Moving from 3d ships to 2d ships wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be in unity. We switched over to rigidbody2d and 2d colliders.. but unity hasn’t done a very good job making the 2d system seemless move from 3d. There are many missing helper routines like Addrelativeforce, addexplosionforce, forcetypes, and better ways […]

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Krex Ship In-Game

first couple screengrabs of in-game Krex vs Moknon ships: [img][/img] [img][/img]

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Ships Ships and More Ships

Hi guys. We have been inching our way along, making progress…slow progress but progress This last week we finished ship designs for a handful more races. Krex: [img][/img] Dravlac: [img][/img] Mooshee: [img][/img] Moknon: [img][/img] We have also completed our transition from 3d ships to 2d w/ spritelamp light lighting + displacement mapping. I’m very pleased […]

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