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The Crystalline Void

One of our core concepts for this project is to ensure every ship in the game is extremely unique in design, playability, and fits within the story of the alien race who created them. The second race being dreamed up for the story line is a race of timeless beings who traverse black holes. Their crystalline ships […]

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And there is Color

As we progress from quick sketches to refined sketches to full colored art, the aliens are gaining their own personality! I’m thrilled with how this one is turning out. I’ll post more a we get them done. Now for getting these animated. As much as I love the idea of z-brush.. I’m not sure I […]

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Z-Brush: An amazing tool for 3D Sculpting

The tools for game development get better and better every year. What used to take a highly talented art team a months to make takes only a few people days to make. Check out this amazing demo reel of the newest version of Z-Brush. In particular, check out 2:50 into the video where they show […]

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SunDagger Takes Shape

Having a goal of resurrecting a nearly dead game genre is no small feat. When thinking back to classics like Starflight and Star Control it is easy to remember how much we loved the games. It isn’t quite so easy to quantify exactly what made them cult classics. Was it the story, was it the […]

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Skinning a Ship

As most in the game industry know, Maya is an amazing tool for creating 3d models. What is also amazing is the amount of time and effort it takes to learn how to use it! While I’ve enjoyed the time getting up to speed, the biggest stumbling block has been getting meshes skinned and textured. […]

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Procedural Textures

So what is a procedural texture and why does it matter? Textures are simply images wrapped around a 3d object. Now think about a space game with hundreds of star systems with thousands of planets and even more thousands of moons. Either you have an insane amount of unique images wrapped around those spheres or […]

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Alien Concept Art

The first batch of alien concept art is in! They are both capturing my imagination and adding a much needed boost of motivation. I can’t wait to get some of these refined and in-game… Let the fun alien dialog begin!

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Solar System Navigation

I’ve started playing with a solar system view for navigation. Many of the classics like Universe (Omnitrend), Starflight, Star Control, etc used static solar systems. I don’t think that will fly anymore in a modern game… so let’s get these planets moving. I’m still deciding between having a dotted path trail as planets rotate or […]

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Volumetric Nebula

Graphics certainly don’t make a game… so why bother with cool fx like volumetric nebula? Good question. I want to ensure I start out with a solid particle system that is flexible enough for numerous things in the game. Things like nebulas, engine trails, missle trails, lazers, explosions, clouds on a planet surface. So far […]

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Planet Mining

So I really want to make a space game…. why can’t I pick asteroids for inspiration — it would be easier. Instead, the ‘other’ classics sparked my imagination and fuel my motivation for this project. What classics? How about Starflight, Star Control, Sun Dog, Universe (Omnitrend), TradeWars…. yes those are big shoes to fill! The […]

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