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Gas Giants Come to Life

This week we spent a lot of time making gas giants come to life w flowing bands of gassy awesomeness: [img][/img] We also redid our sun surface to be more sun-like with flares erupting from the surface: [img][/img] The CrystalShip is now in-game w/ a cool pulsing structure. Next week we will work on it’s […]

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Project StarDiver is moving right along

Join us for a ride through the galaxy…. or at least its current, early development state!We are a small three person family team (myself, wife, and son) and are very excited to share our progress on StarDiver with the IndieDB community. Sometimes small indie teams can get so head down in creation we get isolated […]

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SunDagger – Combat Video on YouTube

A few people have commented that our screenshots of combat are hard to get the ‘feel’ of the game from. We have created a video of the SunDagger ship in combat to help viewers see the game in action. Please keep in mind we are still VERY early in development and expect numerous tweaks and […]

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GravityRide Resumes Project StarDiver

The good news is we are back at it! The bad news is it took getting through the last two years of distraction projects to get here. The team is as motivated as ever. New game assets are flowing, code is being written, music created, and aliens are dancing. No really they are dancing:  

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Cool Blue Royalty

Our alien artwork continues, full steam ahead. When the programming slows to complete larger pieces, it is very motivating to see the artwork take shape. It lights a fire to get through the foundation type code so we can get to the fun stuff like getting these aliens in game, animated, and talking to the […]

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Gentle Giant, or Malevolent Foe?

Our character art is progressing well. We are proud to share our next alien race. Will they be wise, old friends or invoke fear in those foolish enough to seek them out? Either way, our concept art is giving inspiration to our story boarding… which I hope to start sharing with the community soon.

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The Crystalline Void

One of our core concepts for this project is to ensure every ship in the game is extremely unique in design, playability, and fits within the story of the alien race who created them. The second race being dreamed up for the story line is a race of timeless beings who traverse black holes. Their crystalline ships […]

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And there is Color

As we progress from quick sketches to refined sketches to full colored art, the aliens are gaining their own personality! I’m thrilled with how this one is turning out. I’ll post more a we get them done. Now for getting these animated. As much as I love the idea of z-brush.. I’m not sure I […]

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Z-Brush: An amazing tool for 3D Sculpting

The tools for game development get better and better every year. What used to take a highly talented art team a months to make takes only a few people days to make. Check out this amazing demo reel of the newest version of Z-Brush. In particular, check out 2:50 into the video where they show […]

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SunDagger Takes Shape

Having a goal of resurrecting a nearly dead game genre is no small feat. When thinking back to classics like Starflight and Star Control it is easy to remember how much we loved the games. It isn’t quite so easy to quantify exactly what made them cult classics. Was it the story, was it the […]

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