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Hyperspace — What should it look like?

So I’m working on hyperspace travel for StarDiver. I want to borrow concepts from a few places. I like the idea of hyperspace being a very mysterious place. I also like the idea of hyperspace being a difficult place to navigate and easy place to get lost in. In that regard, the Babylon5 view of […]

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Salrith Punching Through

Ok… finally some hard work paid off. All the time I spent making a flexible engine propulsion system allowed me to make some pretty cool engines for the Lipoc and now the Salrith. Now I REALLY can’t wait to get the damage system in there and watch the salrith ship punch through the middle of […]

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Lipoc vs Krex Video

I worked on the Lipoc ship today so felt like grabbing a gif. It has the refined art and new propulsion system. View the gif directly: gif is a big choppy, video here: Next thing I’ll be adding is the damage system so there are fires, venting air, people getting sucked out, damage decals […]

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New Ships and Polish

We are still hard at work this last week on things. The majority of the work has been in code restructuring some things that were becoming unmanageable — I know not not fun AND not much visual to show off for all the hard work. We did added some more visual detail to a few […]

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Khaodra Video Clip

Per our previous posts, we’ve been working with new animation tools to bring our alines to life. Here is a mostly finished idle animation for the Khaodra race:    

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Join us for a ride through the galaxy

[url=http://””]View StarDiver on Indie DB [img][/img] [/url] StarDiver is moving right along. Join us for a ride through the galaxy…. or at least its current, early development state! [img][/img] We are a small family team (myself, wife, and son) and are very excited to share our progress on StarDiver with the community. StarDiver is a […]

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Frike w/ Dialogue UI

nice to see it come together ingame w animation: [img][/img] youtube.. gif is grainy

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Story Sequence Prototype

We are planning on doing something similar to Homeworld for story telling — Using concept art shots. We want to make it a bit more dramatic / alive so we are layering our scenes so we can spread the depth and do some pan/zoom. Add a grain, a bloom, and it comes to life a […]

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Combat and Navigation

Here are a few animated GIFS to chew on: Solar Exploration: [img][/img] Gravity Slingshot: [img][/img] Krex Cruiser vs SunDagger [img][/img] [img][/img]

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