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Watching the AI’s Go at It :)

Krex and Benev AIs are mostly complete now. It has been a blast to set both players to AI controlled and watch them duke it out. Here are a few gifs of the action: View the gif directly: View the gif directly: View the gif directly: 1080p/60 vids of the new stuff: […]

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Hyperspace — What should it look like?

So I’m working on hyperspace travel for StarDiver. I want to borrow concepts from a few places. I like the idea of hyperspace being a very mysterious place. I also like the idea of hyperspace being a difficult place to navigate and easy place to get lost in. In that regard, the Babylon5 view of […]

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Star Diving — Battles in a Star!

This week I’m working on two game modes. First up, star diving. As one could guess, stars will play a major storyline role in StarDiver. One of the main alien races call stars their home and you will slowly build up the technology to play with them on their home turf. Here is an early […]

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Final Touches on Gas Procedural Gas Giants

—– I’m back from Pax South. It was fun to meet some new devs. It was smaller than I expected, but being the first year it was a great start. It was indie heavy, so that was great to see. I’m back at it. I’m trying to finish up the procedural planet scripts today (or […]

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Atmospheric Scattering and Depth of Field

In an effort to make what looks good, look better, I worked out our planet shaders yesterday. We now have atmospheric scattering and a much better edge glow than before. I wasn’t using it before because I couldn’t sort out how to get color, specular color, and shininess added to the shader which was really […]

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Planetary Landing

Long day getting planet landing more polished. I’m pretty happy with how it is feeling w the drop ship movement, gravity, thrust, atmosphere, etc. Too many tweaks to list. I forgot to hookup the screen shaking when going fast enough through atmosphere for the heatfx. I had it disable for debugging something. oh well, not […]

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Planetary Battles

This week’s big things: Orbital Battles: View the gif directly: View the gif directly: TechDemo of Procedural Planets: View the gif directly: SlowMotion and music pitch shift ofr Direct Hits: MicroSun Gravity / Heat Damage:

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StarDiver Damage System Overview

This is a big week for me. I get to check of a buck-list item! I’ve always wanted to make a scifi game where ships weapons can literally split other ships in 1/2. It was an indirect path to get there, but we are now there! Initially, I thought I would be able to use […]

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Ship Destruction — Physics on Parts

Ok…. bucketlist item checked off. I’ve REALLY wanted to make a ship that can punch through another ship for a loooong time Sarlirth doing what it does: View the gif directly:

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Blowing Chunks…

Long day of struggle. I was happy, a few hours, to get the damage decals working, then of course I wanted to break a ship in half. I recall messing with a mesh splitter for unity some time ago so I started playing w it. It didn’t work at all for planes/quads. Found TurboSplitter on […]

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